5 Steps to A Best Newsletter Content

Here are five ways you can shortcut the process of creating content for your email newsletter:

1. Repurpose any content you already have – Who said you had to write something original? Breathe new life into a PowerPoint presentation, an article written about you or your company. You could even use a testimonial from a client. Re-work it to address a current concern of your ideal client and get that newsletter out the door.

2. Use someone else’s content – You can easily hire a writer to create custom content for you  or you can use an article with someone else’s permission. Getting their permission and giving them credit is key. Use a site like ezinearticles.com to find content on pretty much any subject. Reach out to the author to ask their permission and be sure to use the resource box (or bio) they have listed. Link back to their website in order to give credit where it is due.

3. Record audio and have it transcribed – This is one of my favorite shortcuts because I personally don’t enjoy writing. Use a voice recorder or a service like AudioAcrobat to record your thoughts. Download the MP3 and send it off to a service like The Admin Source to have it transcribed. Keep in mind, talking for 5-10 minutes can create plenty of content for multiple platforms and you don’t have to type a single word!

4. Record a quick video – Wil and I spent almost three weeks in Hawaii celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and shot this video on ” 4 Keys to A Lifestyle Focused Business ” for the newsletter. There was no fancy equipment involved and I simply talked about an issue that is highly relevant and interesting to our audience. 5. Create a list article – You know an awful lot about your area of expertise. Much of it you probably take for granted. Please stop assuming that “everyone” already knows what you know. I guarantee your audience would LOVE for you to share with them your best tips and nuggets of information. Take the Top 3/5/7/10, mistakes, must know, tips, etc., that you think your audience needs to know, add an entry paragraph, and a closing paragraph and voila! You have a great piece of content ready to share with an audience who is waiting to hear from you.

Creating great content on a regular basis is easier than you think. The key is to not over think it, focus on a specific topic that is of interest to the people you are sending it to and keep it simple. Pick ONE of the shortcuts I shared with you and set aside a small block of time to get your next newsletter out the door! You can remind your existing clients of other ways you can help them and engage new clients to invest in solutions they are already looking for!



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