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How to Master Email Marketing and Start Converting Leads Into Customers

Email marketing is definitely one of the best ways to market product and services online, as it is affordable and easy to implement. Email marketing is a process that involves sending out newsletters that contain new product strategies, services and promotions to those who have subscribed to get emails from you.

When it comes to taking advantage of email marketing to convert leads into paying customers, then it is important to master the art of writing emails that sell. It is important to write quality emails that will convince subscribers to purchase the product or service that you are selling.

Writing Emails that Sell

Aside from finding offers that will promote your list, writing educational and editorial content is one way of converting your subscribers to paying customers. It is also important that you concentrate on creating content that will help you share quality information with your readers – do not focus majorly on asking for a sale or offering them too-good-to-pass-off discounts. Using series emails will help you to increase the effectiveness of your “enlightening” campaigns.

Email Marketing Metrics – How to Make More Money for Each Email

When you are creating email marketing content, it is important that you focus on giving your subscribers value and ensuring that you earn their trust. It is important to understand that prospective customers or clients will be at different places in their journey to purchasing products or services: some customers will know precisely why they need the product or service that you offer, while other prospective customers will not. Some customers will consider going with the competition and others will choose to do business with you.

Using quality content is important to helping you in the process of segmenting your list for increased profits. The goal of a good email marketing metrics is to help customers to move towards the next step in every buyer’s journey – that is, purchasing your product/service.

Tips for Segmenting Your List For Increased Profits

One of the biggest errors that a lot of online business owners make with their email marketing project is sending the exact same type of emails to all their prospective customers… all the time. You need to know that all subscribers are NOT equal; you may have a combination of prospective customers (people who have not made any purchase… yet), new customers (people who have made their very first purchase from you), loyal customers (people who have many a lot of purchases), and past customers (people who have made purchases in the past and have not many any purchase in a long time).

The holistic approach to email marketing is quite simple. If your online shop sells clothing and accessories. You probably have teenagers, young adults, matured men and women as prospective customers. Sending all of them the same emails may not always help you make a sale. You can segment your list based on:

• Items they click on

• Lead magnets that they subscribe through – i.e. FREE clothing guides, discounts, FREE shipping on items bought etc

• Items that they have purchased

Ensure that you find out which option works best with your mailing list and client/customer database and begin to send targeted mailing based on customer’s interests.

Russell Armstrong is an Internet Marketing Coach and Affiliate Marketing Specialist. CEO and Founder of Armstrong Enterprises.An Internet Based Company on the premise of helping people change their lives.



Email Marketing Software – Choosing the Best One!

A marketing campaign is run by the business organizations for the promotion of their products and services, as it is quite beneficial for the success of their sales operations. It provides you with a constant flow of viable leads that help in boosting revenues and profitability. Nowadays marketer can automate and enhance advertising efforts with the help of an email marketing software solution. But, with all the existing solutions to select from, how to consider which one is the best one for your business?

Following are the four easy, yet efficient tips that one may follow while finding the best email marketing software provider. 

Identify Your Needs Clearly 

Email marketing schemes differ significantly from business to business. Thus, the characteristics and functions you will require in such software will be dependent on many constituents – such as your precise objects, the procedures you will be utilizing, the kind of message you wish to communicate, and the magnitude of your targeted addressees.

For example, if your email contains very flashy and heavy content, then you will have to go for the one that sustains highly-developed HTML designs. Therefore, ensure that you mull over all the vital facets of your campaign, and make use of those to put up a list of facilities you ought to have.

Assess and Choose Vendors Cautiously

Once you figure out exactly what you require, you can begin assessing all solutions presently available in the market. Inquire all the vendors and their product range, and verify it with your own list of requirements and remove those vendor names from the list who cannot address all your requirements.

After you’ve narrowed it down to only those vendors with all the features you need, ask each to show you an in-depth demonstration of their solutions. 

Confirm with Clientele

Do not forget to ask vendors for their clientele list and conduct a thorough discussion with several clients about their service and support policies as well as the success of campaign. Hence, as a part of your evaluation for the best vendor, it would be of much help to talk few of the existing clients of vendor – preferably those that run campaign similar to yours.
You can also request their clients to mull over a site-tour to check on your own. 

Price Negotiation

Its prices vary from free service to quite expensive one. It just depends on the scale and intricacies involved in your entire email marketing campaign. Generally, the email marketing companies charge either on the basis of number of emails sent per month or subscribers range in the database. 

However, in either ways do not consider that a vendor’s first quote is no longer changeable. In fact, in the cut-throat competition where the good email marketing companies are available in abundance, vendors’ prices are easily negotiable. So do not put yourself under pressure. In fact, if the vendor wants your business it is pretty much expected that it would offer big discounts to get hold of it at the best possible price.

Email List Management

It has always been said, in the history of email list building, that the bigger the list the better and the bigger the list the more sales you are going to make. At one point that may have been true, I mean when you look at how far the online marketplace has come. Its the same with cold calling for offline businesses, something that worked a decade or two ago, but has of late become archaic and outdated to say the least. The same goes for the way you should build your email list.

Nowadays the marketplace, AKA, REALITY has become so blurred and distorted with advertising and marketing materials, people are very careful to what they sign up to and what they agree to receive. Most of the time people will not even look at their emails, for fear that they are going to be blasted with sales content and many different products of the same nature, I know that I myself am one of them. Your email list needs to be lean and mean, that is why it is so important to listen to this next tip I am going to give you.

Always include an opt out button. Straight away you are giving people an option to get off your email list, this may seem counterproductive but what you are effectively doing is saying you only want people who are serious about what you are selling. If you have an email list full of people who don’t read your emails, then you have a fat and out of shape list, one that needs a trim down, of all the people who were not going to buy your product anyway. I am actually pleased when people unsubscribe, because I then know that I am working with more people who are serious about changing their circumstances themselves and aren’t just looking for the next “get rich quick” scheme.

The fact that you have an opt out button instills goodwill too, there’s no hard feelings when someone doesn’t want your product!

An opt out button for your email list isn’t the only thing that can help keep your list trim. Something I like to do from time to time is remind my email list that I only want to work with people who are serious. This could well include me asking people to unsubscribe and asking for commitment. Everyone needs a little commitment, It was not different in my offline business, so why should it be different with my email list.

Cleansing Your Email List Database Sometimes just including an opt in or sending a strong action email is not enough. Lets be honest here, if you are sending out thousands or emails and your open rate is abysmal, more often than not the reason is not poor content, its not a poor subject line. This occurred to me when I was not getting many opens, the reason being that my email list was outdated, addresses didn’t exist anymore, people were not active enough and didn’t care about my messages in the first place. They probably subscribed in the hope that it would miraculously change their bank accounts! So what did I do? Well I sent a reactivation email to all of my email list.



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How To Generate A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

When website visitors fist come to your site you can motivate them to sign up to your email list by providing them something of value. This could be a free report, video or your latest newsletter. Your email campaign can start as soon as they have submitted their email and signed up to your list.

There are two choices when you email the subscribers on your list. The first choice is to send them a sequence of follow-up emails that they will get after they have opted into your list. The second choice is an email broadcast, also referred to as an email blast, that is delivered to all the people on your list at the same time.

Follow-Up Email Marketing Campaign.

The follow-up email marketing campaign is basically a set of emails that have already been prepared and input into an autoresponder and they are delivered automatically over a predetermined time frame. You can choose when they are sent and how many emails there are in the sequence.

For example, let’s say you have created a campaign that consists of 10 emails and you schedule them to go out daily. This means that every person who signs up to your list will immediately get the first email, with the report or newsletter that you offered in return for their email address. Your campaign will then automatically continue the next day and they will then receive one email a day for nine more days. Each individual who opts into your list will receive your emails automatically in the order you set them up regardless of the day, time or where they are located.

The Broadcast Email Marketing Campaign.

When you deliver a broadcast or blast email marketing campaign, everybody on your list receives the same email at the same time whether or not they have been signed up to your list for a short time or several years. This type of email message is especially effective if you have some new product or service that you want to let your customers know about, or if you’re having a sale. It’s also a good way to provide your customers a voucher for a forthcoming sale.

3 Email Marketing Campaign Tips.


  1. Carefully consider who your target audience are and what they want.
  2. Use a subject line that will grab their interest. Even if you have written a great email, it won’t work if your subscribers don’t open it.
  3. Your message must be written for the person receiving it. In other words, you have to be very clear about how your product or service will benefit them.


Do not forget that, as great as your product or service may be, your email marketing campaign will not be effective if nobody reads it. Consequently, ensure that you follow the above three tips to get the best results from your campaigns.

Figuring Out Who You Are Talking to Using Reverse Email Appending Services

Email addresses are useless to firms who don’t have the contact information to go with them. Sure, it’s easy enough to simply send out mass messages to thousands of addresses and hope that some of them will go to people who’ll appreciate them. Though this is a common practice, spamming people’s inboxes loses firms far more goodwill than the small revenues it gains can ever make up for. Reverse email append services allow companies to maintain a more professional means of contacting consumers.

Connecting the Data
Reverse email appending allows you to match up a real-life name to the web addresses in your contact list, which are often totally unrelated to each other. Even better, firms who use reverse appending can even find out demographic information like phone numbers, income, and age. This intelligence boosting-service makes it much easier to contact the people who are likely to want to interact with you.

Bridging the Gap
The popularity of cold-calling hasn’t died with the popularity of landline telephones; it’s simply taken a different form. Now, email is a far more common way to get in touch with new customers.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of contact information online has led some businesses to believe that it’s OK to use it without asking, regardless of who they’re trying to contact. Some consumers seriously take offense to the practice. Reverse email appending prevents the professional gaffes that spamming and mass-emailing can easily lead to, like inundating all of someone’s multiple in-boxes with the same message.

Many people have more than one email address, and their personal addresses are designed to filter out spam automatically. Recipients often don’t even see your messages, meaning you’re better off not even sending them. Although there’s no way to tell which accounts people use spam filters with, reverse appending can provide a marketer with contact and demographic information that helps to send highly targeted offers via email. Although this doesn’t really save anything in terms of effort, it makes people more likely to read your messages and respond.

Internal Cleanup
Of course, one of the biggest advantages of a reverse email append service is that it allows firms to stop wasting their time. Many of the marketing lists that businesses use are rife with fraudulent addresses and those that hate junk mail. Reverse email services flag these addresses so that your own inbox doesn’t get filled with angry responses or “unable to send” messages. In this age of information dependence, email lists that are free of spurious records are essential to targeted marketing.

Self Replicating Websites – An Important Tool for the Success of MLM Marketers

People are looking for ways to earn extra dollars. They are examining various opportunities to work from home to supplement their income. MLM is not a new term for those looking for home based business opportunities or for part-time income (in addition to their regular job). Often the word “scheme” is used after MLM and that is misleading.

MLM is not a scheme, it’s a marketing strategy and there are several companies that have followed this strategy for their success. Some of the biggest businesses in the country like Tupperware and Avon followed this business strategy and they are extremely successful in their line of business.

What is MLM marketing?

It’s a marketing strategy where the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate but also for the sales of the distributors that they have recruited. Hence this marketing model created a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple compensation levels.

Relationships, replicated sites and word of mouth marketing – these are the three most important tools of a MLM marketer. He needs to build relationship with his visitors, inspire them to join his network and spread the news of his business through word of mouth marketing.

Here are a few things that a MLM marketer must do before he joins a networking business:

Things to Do:

Evaluate yourself

Before joining a business, a MLM marketer must evaluate if he is really interested in joining a MLM business. A network marketer needs to perform the dual role of a salesperson and a recruiter simultaneously – he has to sell the product and recruit distributors into his network. Self replicating websites can help him in attracting visitors to his site and building a business network.

Replicating websites are easy to use and are an important tool for establishing a marketer’s online business identity. Marketers can link their social networking sites to the replicating sites to make their online business presence more credible and customer friendly. Replicated sites are usually infused with autoresponders.

A marketer must believe in the product he is selling

Thorough knowledge of the product is not enough for a network marketer. He must believe in the product and its merits. A marketer must put himself in the shoes of his customers and think will he really buy this product/service? Why? How’s the price? A marketer must do this before joining a MLM business. The success of a MLM business is largely dependent on the product/service it is offering. So a marketer must evaluate the product/service as well before joining a business.

Be prepared for some training

A network marketer cannot expect to start his business right away. He has to spend some time understanding the product/service that he has to sell. He also needs to spend some time getting accustomed to the replicated websites and its features. Once a marketer joins an MLM business, he must also be prepared to devote some time training new distributors who join his network.