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Tips for Posting a Blog on Twitter

small businesses to tell the world what their company is all about and what value a business can give to their customers. Blogs can be established and posted to the company website and even sent via link in a newsletter. However, it seems that posting blogs on social media sites can maximize the potential exposure your blog can receive more than any other method. It can also help with the speed of delivering your information, as the majority of the population is accessing the internet via tablets and smartphones. In this article we will focus on tips for posting your blogs on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media outlet that was created to be a conversational site. Twitter consists of people looking for news, stories, information, and trending conversations, all the while being actively involved in sharing and spreading that information, which makes Twitter a prime location for your business.

Tips for Blogging on Twitter

  •          Blog the life source of your business. Every business is unique; tell the world what sets your business apart from the rest.
  •          Create alluring headlines to capture your reader’s interest and follow it up with interesting content.
  •          Engage people to take an interest. Ask questions and always be involved. Be sure to check frequently in order to stay connected with your followers.
  •          Don’t just ask questions but answer them too. The more you can engage with your followers, the better. This shows genuine interest in your business and its customers.
  •          Always add a retweet button for followers who want to share your blogs.
  •          Combine access of your social media sites. Embed a Facebook share button on your blog and likewise for your website.
  •          Interconnectivity is very important for people who are looking to learn more about your business and its products/services.
  •          Always use your brand with every work you publish. This gives readers a sense of validity and reminds viewers where your information is coming from. Branding is a long term investment and should be attached to everything created by your business.
  •          Inspire people to get involved with activities that revolve around your business and encourage them to share their experiences, stories and testimonials with you.
  •          Thank people who retweet your blogs on Twitter by name. Although this is all on the internet, personal connections and great customer service is still a strong foundation of a great business. This could also be a great time to reward your loyal customers with coupons, deals, or discounts.
  •          Repeat your blog tweet over and over to expand the potential coverage that your well written, information filled blog deserves.

For you first time Twitter bloggers, follow these simple instructions to post your tweet. The first thing you will need to do is create your blog entry using your choice of blogging source. Once published, you will be assigned a URL. Use a URL shortening service to shorten the length of your assigned URL address. Post your blog in the “What’s happening now” box found on your home page on Twitter using the shortened URL and then clicking “Tweet”. Be sure to test your link to make sure it works properly.



7 Secrets For Effective Internet Marketing Solo Ads

1.Your sales copy needs to be friendly and written in a way that will appeal to your audience. You don’t want to sound like a high-pressure sales person who is desperate to sell something.

2. The one thing that is often forgotten on internet marketing solo ads is to make it clear what you want your reader to do. If the purpose of your squeeze page is to get people to opt-in, then ask them to do that. If it is to make a sale, ask them to buy.

3. Use one solo ad to sell one product or service. If you have three different items to sell, use three different ads, each with a different copy and squeeze page link. If you try to offer too much on one ad. as your audience will get confused and not commit to any of them.

4. Write your copy so that it is easy to read with paragraph breaks. Leaving some white space helps the reader to more easily focus your message.

5. Highlighted text will draw visual attention to key benefits in your copy. But use it sparingly because excessive colours on a page can frustrate online readers.

6. Good internet marketing solo ads will show good ratings or endorsements from satisfied buyers. These can be placed on your squeeze page or landing page.

7. You have highlighted your USP and now you can make the offer even more appealing with a package including several free items as part of a “Buy Now” deal. Limited time offers create a sense of urgency for the buyer to act.